On April 19th, I’ll be at Jeepbeach in Daytona Beach FL.  I’m told the event is pretty big.  In 2019, 200,000 people went through the event and they had well over 200 vendors showing off their Jeep Wranglers and related garb.  I’m pretty excited to participate and will check out all the unique rides.  I won’t be the most lifted and certainly not the most expensive but, I’m hoping to be something unique. 

Most Wrangler owners like and enjoy sharing stories with the Land Rover Defender and Ford Bronco enthusiasts.  Many of these folks defend their brands religiously.  I’m a big fan of all the 4×4 brands that resemble Jeeps.  As the owner of a 2013 Wrangler, a 1977 FJ40 and a 1992 Mercedes 250GD, I can tell  you that pretty much all of these small 4×4 vehicles have their fun and interesting advantages.  I love hearing people explain why they love their ride.  Whatever brand you like, the passion is contagious and I enjoy being around it.  I’m hoping to come home from Jeepbeach next month with lots of great stories and new ideas for the next build. 

The Wrangler / Land Rover Defender I’m taking to the show is of course for sale. I get attached to every 4×4 I customize but, I just can’t keep them all.  I will take best offer for the vehicle and start looking for my next Wrangler which I hope will have a manual transmission.  I’m also speaking with a couple of Jeepers about putting a Defender front end on their Wranglers.  Which ever happens, I’ll be fine with it.  As a retired person, I need to stay busy!

For those of you curious about the Defender front end that I put onto a Wrangler, you should know that I use all Land Rover and Proline panels.  The Wings, Fenders, Flairs, Bonnet (I.e. hood), lights, etc. are all made by Land Rover or a quality after market Land Rover Defender manufacturer.  Of course, I have to fabricate aluminum panels in order to meetup the Land Rover panels with the Wrangler doors as shown below.

 The great thing about putting a Defender front end on a Wrangler is that it is still a Wrangler which means it is very well engineered, doesn’t leak, the doors and top can be removed, the windshield goes down, after market parts are readily available and repairs can be done by any shop.  Just about every mechanic is familiar with this vehicle.  You can spend hundreds of thousands on an authentic restored Defender and it still won’t have the above capabilities and frankly, it won’t look nearly as awesome on those warm days when you want that freedom of a Jeep. 

After market power windows, power steering, modified engines, etc. are not things that most mechanics want to work on and these things will break on a professionally restored authentic old vehicle.  YOU CAN BET ON IT. 

I’m amazed when I see an old rusty Defender for sale for $40K that needs work.  For less than that, you can have an awesome Wrangler that is reliable with a Land Rover Defender front end.  And by the way, I find that Land Rover guys approach me and love my ride and almost always comment on how much more reliable my Wrangler is over their authentic Rover.  Also, Wranglers are daily drivers for people who have a significant distance to work every day regardless of the weather.  This can not be said for most Land Rover Defenders.  I love both brands but, I especially love having the best of both worlds.  Reach out to our guys to learn more about the conversion process.