About Us

At Appanon, we know that many people have thought about acquiring a cool, late model, off-road vehicle.  Our founder owns some of the most classic 4x4s from the past.  Only the Jeep Wrangler has survived in the United States market. There’s a reason for this: Jeep Wrangler Engineering is the very best in class however, for some of us, it lacks the classic late model look that we have been dreaming about owning. 

The downside of 1950-1990 vehicles is the time to get parts for inevitable repairs, very low horsepower, stiff suspensions, lack of conveniences, such as electric windows, lack of safety features, such as airbags and anti-lock breaks, the difficulty created when wanting to go doorless and topless and of course the pricey acquisition cost, especially if you are talking about a custom build or restoration. The converted Jeep Wrangler that we customize for our customers provides the best of both worlds: the cool front end that you wanted plus all the modern conveniences.  It’s a vehicle that’s comfortable even for long drives, it’s convenient when repairs come up and it’s something you’ll love to drive and share stories about.  Reach out to our team to find out how we can make your dream come true.