Are you trying to decide between buying a new Jeep Wrangler Vs an older one?  This doesn’t have to be a tough decision but, you do have to ask yourself a few questions before you start visiting car lots or scouring the web for new and used Wrangler TJs, JKs and JLs.

20 Questions to ask yourself when Buying a New or Used Jeep Wrangler

  1. Is your current vehicle having problems?
  2. Are you bored with what you have and just want a brand new vehicle?
  3. Will this be your first Wrangler?
  4. Are electric windows important to you?
  5. Is an updated radio with car play and a backup camera important?
  6. Do you have a few color preferences in mind?
  7. Are you aware of the three different Wrangler models (I.e. TJ, JK, JL) over the past 24 years and do you have a preference?
  8. Are you going to be taking the top down a lot?
  9. Do you want a hard top or is a soft top ideal?
  10. Will you be taking the doors off frequently?
  11. Will you be putting the windshield down? The process is very different depending on the model.
  12. Do you have a place to store the hard top and doors?
  13. Do you want leather or cloth seats?
  14. How important is engine power to you? The best engines started in 2012.
  15. Do you want heated and cooled seats even if they are after market?
  16. If considering used, how flexible on the mileage are you depending on the condition (E.g. 10K, 30K, 50K, 70K)?
  17. Do you want a lifted and accessorized Wrangler or is stock 4×4 more appropriate?
  18. Do you off road or just like to look like you off road?
  19. What is your budget range?
  20. Do you want to customize your Jeep? What mods?

I think we can stop at 20 questions but, as you investigate used Jeep Wranglers your list will likely grow.  For example, it isn’t on the list above but, do you prefer a manual or automatic transmission? You need to make a list of what is important to you.

Things like certain colors were only offered for one year.   Artic Blue is one of my favorite colors but, it was only available in 2012 which meant, I had to compromise on color because I wanted the auto dimming rear view mirror with LED map light and the tire pressure monitoring system which wasn’t offered until 2013. 

What is your Jeep Wrangler Budget?

Perhaps one of the most important questions when purchasing a Jeep is “what is your budget?”.  This is a critical question because if you have the cash reserves, not only an you spend more money to get what you want but, you can add fun accessories to make your Wrangler unique from everyone else’s. 

Be careful of modifications on Wranglers

Lift kits, big tires and after market bumpers will costs thousands of dollars and lets not forget and angry bird grill or going with a Land Rover Defender front end conversion. Add another $2000 and get your self heated and cooled perforated leather seats.  Contact us if you want the conversion.

Consider a Wrangler with a Defender Front End

Take your Time and Try to Have Fun Buying a Wrangler

My dad always said “The time to look for a vehicle is when you don’t really need one.” I’m convinced that if you follow this principle, you’ll become very aware of what your looking for and avoid buyers remorse.  My dad is right, take your time and have fun.  Working with sales people and joking around can be a blast.  Don’t be in a hurry and don’t tell them you have a trade until you are ready to make a deal and they have already given you a price on the Wrangler you want.  Telling them you don’t have a trade is not lying, it’s simply changing your mind! 😊 Contact us with any questions.